Coconut Oil–Good or Bad?

Coconut oil is made from coconut milk or dried coconut meat. It is used in a variety of settings, including cooking, skin care, and even as an alternative fuel source, just to list a few. It has been a staple in tropical regions of the world for thousands of years. Dietitians have known and used coconut oil for some time now since it has been used medically in individuals with compromised fat digestion or sensitive gastrointestinal tracts. It usually comes in a jar and it is commonly hardened, or as a solid. It quickly changes into liquid form (oil) when heat is applied. Coconut oil, as with coconut milk, contains saturated fat, so a moderate intake of coconut oil is recommended. As consumers, look for virgin coconut oil which contains a type of saturated fat that raises both good and bad cholesterol levels. So overall we recommend moderation when consuming this oil while looking for ‘virgin’ on the label.