Vitamin D And Our Health

Vitamins are needed to keep the body running properly.  Some are needed in small, others in larger quantities. Some are fat soluble and some water soluble. Let’s talk about a fat soluble vitamin—D. Vitamin D is stored in fatty body tissues.

Q:  Why do we need it:

A:  Vitamin D is important for calcium absorption, building and maintain strong bones, maintaining our immune system and decreasing inflammation in the body.  There have been promising study results using vitamin D against colon cancer.

Q: What foods contain Vitamin D?

A: Best food sources are: * Mushrooms, exposed to UV light * Salmon = 3 ounces* Cod liver oil= 1 teaspoon*Tuna Fish canned in oil= 3 ounces *Halibut= 3 ounces*Milk fortified with Vitamin D= 1 cup* Soymilk fortified with Vitamin D= 1 cup*Yogurt nonfat, fortified with Vitamin D = 1 cup * Ready to eat Cereals, fortified with Vitamin D= 1 ounces.

Q: How Much Do We Need?

A:   Recommended Dietary Allowances

Ages 1- 70 years of age= 600 IU    Over 70 years of age= 800 IU

NOTE:  600 IU may also be expressed as 15 mcg and  40 IU=1 mcg

Q: Can we get too much?

A: We know it is possible to consume toxic amounts of vitamin D through supplements but highly unlikely through normal food intakes or even when exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight which, when it hits the skin, causes a production of vitamin D.