What are the Current Heart Healthy Exercise Guidelines?

Heart disease is still the #1 cause of death for men and women in our country, taking 610,000 lives or 1 out of 4 lives, each year.

Regular physical activity is essential for good heart health, including blood pressure and blood lipids.  The American Heart Association recommends aiming for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity per week with not more than 2 days between exercise (ex: 30 minutes./day for at least 5 days/week.). Check with your physician if you have any questions or have not exercised regularly for some time.  At least twice a week, strength training is recommended to work all major muscle groups.

Though not an exercise for cardiovascular fitness, the American Diabetes Association also recommends flexibility and balance exercise, as well as strength training, at least a few times per week.  All forms of exercise can result in improved blood sugar or glucose levels, which, in itself, can reduce risk for heart disease. When your blood sugar is high, your cholesterol levels increase.

The American Diabetes Association website, www.diabetes.org has written descriptions of recommended exercise for strength, flexibility, balance, and aerobic exercise.  Look under “Food and Fitness” for practical ways to stay active without undertaking a formal exercise program.