Prediabetes is a condition identified by a blood test your doctor orders.  Many people find out through a routine physical.  If your doctor tells you your blood glucose values are higher than normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed as having diabetes.   It can be diagnosed by 3 different blood tests in the laboratory–fasting glucose test in which someone has not eaten for at least 8 hours, a 2 hour (75 gram) glucose test when you are asked to drink a sugary solution and then a blood is taken to see how your body handles a load of “sugar”, or an A1C or estimated average glucose test which does not have to be performed in a fasting state and reflects the average glucose levels over a 3 month period.


Test                                         Normal                     Prediabetes                  Diabetes

Fasting                                   <100 mg/dl                 100-125 mg/dl             >125 mg/dl

2 hour (75 g) glucose               <140mg/dl                   140-200 mg/dl            >200 mg/dl

A1C(est. Ave. Glucose)           <5.7%                          5.7-6.4%                    >6.4%


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