Insurance and Payments

Insurance Providers

Medicare provides for medical nutrition therapy for diabetic and pre-renal dialysis patients and post kidney transplant. All require a doctor referral. If you want your doctor to refer you, please call me and I will arrange the referral.

I may see these patients 3 hours the first calendar year, then 2 hours every subsequent year and more often with another doctor referral, if the medical condition changes. I have established relationships with many physicians, who routinely refer these patients to me.

Care1st accepts indigent patients on managed-care Medicare and managed-care Medi-Cal.

All patients seen are referred to the Utilization Management (UM) of the corporate office with requests to have their patients seen by me for a variety of medical conditions. These conditions vary—some prior to bariatric surgery for weight loss, diabetics, weight loss, high cholesterol, some kids who are either too thin or the opposite.

The referral is for one or two visits or for a specific time period, usually two months. The referring doctor sends a request to the UM, which approves or denies the request. I am then notified via fax.

Payments Accepted - Cash, Check, MasterCard, and Visa

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Diane wants you to look and feel your best by making small changes in what you eat and improving the quality of your life.


I never realized the calories in some of the beverages I was drinking! More water for me. Thanks Diane.


With Diane, my blood pressure hasn’t been this low in 6 years.


I loved the supermarket tour! I am much more aware of the sodium content and fat content in the foods I was buying!