Kidney Disease

Good nutrition is one of the key factors affecting your kidney health. Your blood glucose level and blood pressure are sensitive to what you eat, how you eat it, and the kind of lifestyle you're committed to living. With good diet and moderate exercise through nutritional programs for renal-kidney disease, many early-CKD patients can slow or even halt the progression of the disorder, allowing them to enjoy life the way they're supposed to – healthy and free!

Our registered dietitians have the experience and a wealth of accumulated knowledge in providing nutrition and dietary consultations for renal-kidney disease and helping people manage their kidney health. Some of us have spent over 20 years meeting with and helping people all over the San Diego area manage their CKD with better diet and good nutritional choices that slow the damage CKD causes to the kidneys.

Our team at A+ Nutrition is composed of all certified and registered dietitians who meet or exceed the state minimums for training and clinical practice. We take the time to sit with you and learn about your current lifestyle and work towards a plan that will not only improve your health, but restore your vitality as well. We see our patients for three visits within the first six weeks and then every two months after to adjust their diet based on their lab values.

We have been very successful over the years in keeping our patients off of dialysis; one patient for four years and another for 15 years and counting with proper diet! Our Dietitian services for renal-kidney disease can help you live a fuller, healthier life. 

Client Success

“I’ve known I had kidney problems for a long time, so have limited salt for years. Diane reviewed my blood tests and told me that my sodium and potassium levels were normal but that I was eating far too much protein. She created a menu for me to reduce my protein intake and to help me maintain my weight.”
— E.G.