We provide the following services to all San Diego residents, in our office, or in your home as well as virtual nutrition counseling.

Medical nutrition therapy is coordinated with your physician and often covered by insurance providers including Medicare and Managed Care MedI-Cal. Depending on your Insurance plan, certain diagnosis and/or preventive benefits may cover. 

No need to worry, we check your insurance for your benefit coverage. 

Nutrition Counseling

Meeting with a dietitian is a new experience for many people. Unlike checkups with a primary care doctor or specialist, such as a dermatologist, when you have a specific issue, the food you eat doesn't seem like something most people need clinical help with. But, the food we eat makes a world of difference to all aspects of a person's health.

We are devoted to helping people develop healthy eating habits, manage their weight and kidney health, and live well with diabetes. During our consultations, we are able to take the time to listen to you, assessing your food intake, restaurant and cooking habits, activities, and medications and understand your personal goals. Based on those goals, we can develop a personalized healthy-eating plan that you can stick to for life.

Thousands of people in the Southern California area have come to us over the years and have seen effective results from our empowerment-based approach in helping them take back the reigns of their dietary health.

During your individual 1-on-1 session, we will do a nutrition evaluation of your strengths to optimize your nutrition based on your height, weight, age, gender, and activity level.

Follow up visits focus on learning label reading, restaurant selections, shopping tips, and recipes to meet your goals.

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Nutritional analysis

Do you know how much protein, carbohydrates, fat and vitamins you need? This is a customized and more detailed plan that will help you reach your weight and fitness goals.

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Meal Planning

Do you want to lose weight, but need specific meal plans and a grocery list? Are you too busy to cook, but don’t want to spend a fortune on restaurant meals or fall in to the trap of fast foods?

We can help you get healthier by lowering your blood sugar, lowering your cholesterol, controlling your blood pressure, and losing weight. Together, we develop customized menus to meet your specific goals: meals and snacks, lunch on the go, and restaurant meals with your favorite healthy foods. Choose from four different menu lengths.

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Lunch & Learn Corporate Seminars

Bring a nutrition seminar to your work-site and help your employees learn how easy it is to improve their health. Specific topics can be developed for your company. 

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You may have preventive benefits with your health plan and not know it.  When the affordable healthcare was passed, it included the provision to offer preventive services.  Many times your insurance may not pay for a specific medical diagnosis, but may pay for visits to a registered dietitian under this provision. 

Medicare provides for medical nutrition therapy for diabetic and pre-renal dialysis patients and post kidney transplant. All require a doctor referral. If you want your doctor to refer you, please call me and I will arrange the referral.

I may see these patients 3 hours the first calendar year, then 2 hours every subsequent year and more often with another doctor referral, if the medical condition changes. I have established relationships with many physicians, who routinely refer these patients to me.

BSCP accepts indigent patients on managed-care Medicare and managed-care Medi-Cal.

All patients seen are referred to the Utilization Management (UM) of the corporate office with requests to have their patients seen by me for a variety of medical conditions. These conditions vary—some prior to bariatric surgery for weight loss, diabetics, weight loss, high cholesterol, some kids who are either too thin or the opposite.

The referral is for one or two visits or for a specific time period, usually two months. The referring doctor sends a request to the UM, which approves or denies the request. I am then notified via fax.