Case Studies 1 & 2

Case: 74 year-old male, retired professional

   Condition: Kidney failure, stage IV (one step from dialysis) Kidney disease requires limitations on protein, sodium, potassium, phosphorus in the diet. He was consuming too much protein and high potassium food.

   Challenges: Doctor told him he would be on dialysis within 3 months. He decided he would do everything in his power to prolong his time off dialysis. He was normal weight, but experiencing the fatigue that goes along with kidney failure.

   Reason for visit: The wife volunteered in a hospital. She asked the hospital dietitian about nutrition. She recommended proper diet can delay the need for dialysis and referred them to me who specializes in diet modification for kidney diseases.

   Treatment: I met with Jack and his wife on a monthly basis. I put him on a diet and adjusted it from time to time to slow down the process of kidney failure.

   Results: Patient went four years before going on dialysis. His body was balanced through proper nutrition. He continued to live a normal life, active in community service clubs, taking long walks, and was ballroom dancing with his wife several times a month.

Case: 35 year-old, professional female

   Condition: She was 60 pounds overweight, but was not on medications or exhibited any signs of disease (high blood pressure or diabetes) yet.

   Challenges: The woman worked more than 40 hours a week and many meals were spur of the moment order in or fast food restaurant choices. Her diet was high in fat and salt, and low in nutrients. She skipped breakfast due to lack of time for meal preparation. She had no structured exercise.

   Reason for visit: Her doctor recommended she see me because she was at risk of developing diabetes because of her family history and her obesity. She was worried about getting diabetes and knew she needed help losing weight. She also complained of no energy and being tired all the time.

   Treatment: I met with Carol, discussed dietary changes, provided better restaurant selections, offered easy ways to increase physical activity into her work day, and offered practical easy meal tips with nutrient rich foods that fit into her busy lifestyle.

   Results: Within six weeks, following her visits to me, her diet and physical activity resulted in an 11.5 pounds weight loss and increase in energy.