Case Studies 5 & 6

Case: 26 year-old male, student

   Condition: Morbidly obese, young man, who weighed in at over 500 lbs. No medical problems had developed yet.

   Challenges: The man wanted gastric lap band surgery but needed to lose 100 pounds before the surgeon would consider the procedure. His diet was high in protein, sugar and fat. He drank 4 liters of juice or regular soda daily. He perfomed no structured physical activity.

   Reason for visit: His doctor recommended he see a Registered Dietitian for weight loss.

   Treatment: I met with AG and his dad, discussed dietary changes, used the phone app, “Lose It” and “Meal Logger” to monitor patient’s food selections and offered easy ways to increase physical activity into daily routine.

   Results: Within one year, following his visits to me, his diet and physical activity resulted in a 105-pound weight loss and an increase in energy.

Case: 5 year-old, female kindergartener

   Condition: Child was 95 percent weight for her height, indicating the beginning of overweight.

   Challenges: Her diet was high-calorie, high-fat, through sugar snacks. She also she had a diet low in calcium.

   Reason for visit: Child embarrassed by her weight; school and neighbor kids teased her. Her mother asked her pediatrician for a recommendation to a Registered Dietitian who worked with families and children for weight loss.

   Treatment: I met with the mother and child. Identified parental and child responsibilities regarding food, developed a plan with three meals and two snacks to increase dairy intake to promote linear growth. Walked them through a grocery store examining labels and nutrition guides.

   Results: Within six weeks, following her visits to me, the child grew three-quarters of an inch, which was a good indication of improved nutrition, and lost three pounds.