Case Studies 7 & 8

Case: 56 year-old male, professional

   Condition: The middle-aged, professional, male was overweight, prediabetic with high blood pressure, who suffered from hip and knee pain.

   Challenges: The man ate out daily and consumed foods high in fat and salt and consumed alcohol on a frequent basis.

   Reason for visit: Mike had lost 10 pounds on his own, but couldn’t lose any more. His doctor recommended he see a Registered Dietitian for weight loss.

   Treatment: I met with Mike and his wife and detailed healthier restaurant meals as well as made suggestions to their favorite recipes to decrease calories but maintain the flavors.

   Results: Within one year, following his visits to me, his diet and physical activity improved. He lost 24.5 pounds and was no longer prediabetic or had high blood pressure. He was off all medications, and his knee and hip pain lessened.

Case: 14 year-old, 8th grade female

   Condition: The young student was newly diagnosed as diabetic and was 90 pounds overweight.

   Challenges: She was a latch-kid and developed the habit of eating an entire meal between arriving home from school and dinner. Her diet was low in fruits, vegetables, and dairy but was high in fat, sugar and salt.

   Reason for visit: Her parents were of a normal weight and were very concerned about their child's diabetes and weight. Her doctor recommended she see a Registered Dietitian for blood sugar control and weight loss.

   Treatment: I met with the parents, Sandra, and her siblings and developed a structured snack schedule as well as small modifications for favorite foods.

   Results: Within eight weeks, and during the holidays, from Halloween through Christmas, following her visits to me, she lost 11 pounds and her diet improved in fruits and vegetables.